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Development Resumes

After a very long hiatus, we’re glad to say that we’re back in action!

This has been a very productive week. We have a new layout / theme for the website, and an upcoming build of Plumb that should resolve a long outstanding bug that was causing some unexpected trouble for our users.

We’ve also noticed an influx of traffic from Wikipedia. Apparently lots of you have been doing your research on how to effectively manage big monitors and high resolutions. We’d like to think that Plumb can help you with that, since it was originally a personal project to solve the “problem” of having too much screen real estate and no useful way to organize our windows.

In case you forgot (or it’s your first time here) here’s a before and after shot of what Plumb can do.

Before / After…

As always, we’d love to hear any questions, comments, feature requests, bug reports, or really anything you have to say. Please leave some suggestions, or drop us an email. We want to make this software even better, and we can’t do that without you.